Terms of Use

:site rules

:Price of goods or services
The booking fee is 10% of the total.
The amount of advertised property is on the site of the villa in accordance with the tariff.
The price prevailing when ordering a customer in a precursor is valid

:Policy and Specific Terms Determining the price of rent villas
The rules announced by the owners on the site of the villa shou are valid.

:Declaring Value Added Tax
No customer will be charged VAT.

:Costs to be paid for the purchase of goods or services by the customer
The cost of the property advertised on the villa site is only the costs indicated on the site according to the specified tariff plan selected.

The process of returning or canceling service receipt and methods of repayment:
After placing an advertisement and paying up to one week if canceled, only 50% of the amount will be refunded.

:Detailed and detailed information
For any questions, please call +98 9112934797.

:Insert advertisements and promotions

The duration of the ads entered on the site is based on a selective plan that can only be disabled by the advertiser.
:According to the tariff specified in the system and payable in three ways

online payment
Deposit into account
Card to card

Features available at the site for ad placement:

This is an unrivaled and unrivaled feature in every respect. Throughout the internet, such facilities are not designed for any site, and only the site has these special features.

If the advertiser has been discontinued for any reason after registration of the advertisement and payment of the advertisement, it is possible to cancel the advertisement within 3 days, with the deduction of 50% of the advertising cost possible.
Insert an advertisement on the site of the villa without any plans. Brno, Golden and Tarifa.
Special Features
Enter ad with special conditions
 Insert photos and videos to the required number
Embed video in accordance with the quality and volume suitable for broadcasting due to the speed of Internet in the country
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